Rehabilitation Services is a company committed to people: those recovering from injury or illness; those seeking solutions to complex return to work situations; and those managing financial and human resource risks.

Our philosophies acknowledge the critical importance of work and independence, to health and wellbeing. We know that recovering at work, while often difficult, leads to more rapid and sustainable health outcomes. Our approach addresses the range of complexities (medical, psychological, social and financial) that arise in circumstances of resuming independence.

Our team of highly qualified and nationally registered allied health professionals delivers services with integrity, innovation, efficiency and quality. Trained to solve problems, negotiate and navigate the personal and commercial impact of injuries, our team yields results that consistently lead the industry. Our commitment to professional development ensures best practise is ingrained in our methods.

Rehabilitation Services is proud to be entrusted to deliver expertise with discretion for organisations across Australia, in industries as diverse as professional services, hospitality, government, consumer brands, building and maintenance.

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What we do best

Our services include:

Rehabilitation (read more)

Injury Management (read more)

Injury Prevention (read more)

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How we do what we do

We achieve outstanding results through the following industry unique approaches:

Applied Biopsychosocial Approach

By identifying the physical, psychological and social barriers through evidence based assessment, consultants are able to target key areas and prioritise interventions for maximum benefit and sustained return to work outcomes.

Low Individual Consultant Case Loads

An industry low case load per consultant provides the avenue for consistently rapid, personalised response and engaged service delivery. This results in timely intervention and achievement of goals. Coupled with no minimum billing requirements, all staff members are wholly focused on delivering quality in a timely manner with integrity.

Consultants Trained to Negotiate and Communicate

Each Rehabilitation Services’ consultant undertake externally facilitated training in professional communication and negotiation skills. This allows the transfer of knowledge into meaningful outcomes during medical case conferencing and workplace based meetings. 

Commercial Acumen

Consultants understand and seek to manage claims costs in collaboration with the insurer, therefore ensuring goal alignment and the application of case strategies that incorporate health and commercial outcomes. 

Communication Protocols

Communication will be tailored to you, our client.

Why we do what we do

Workplace rehabilitation is complex and sensitive work that requires expertise and real passion for people. Here’s a few of the big reasons why we do what we do:

Work is Good for You

As supported by the World Health Organisation and multiple signatories to a consensus statement developed by the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, extensive evidence supports this fundamental driver of the outcomes we seek, to return people to work and health.

Staying at Work is easier than Returning to Work

Time away from work creates barriers to returning to work. The most appropriate place for recovery is almost always within the workplace. We know that our role requires positive and meaningful engagement with employers to support the return to work process.

Rehabilitation includes the Challenge to Improve

Support is important, however it is through challenging a situation, an injury and all stakeholders involved, that growth, resilience and strength can be harnessed for a positive, sustainable outcome.


Mission Statement and Core Values


To be consistently recognised as the quality benchmark in professional rehabilitation and injury management services; strategically applying evidence based best practice for reducing the social, commercial and personal costs of injuries for all stakeholders.


Rehabilitation Services maintains the following core company values as the cornerstone of expectations for all employees and of how we work with our clients. The values apply to all aspects of the business and will not be compromised.


Professional Integrity


Our core value of Professional Integrity relates to the temperament and personal discipline of each individual to maintain the highest service delivery standards both under scrutiny and in particular, independently. It equates to individual accountability, delivering on promises and developing robust relationships with our clients based on trust.




We are committed to the sustained application of proven systems and case management strategies that produce outcomes. We resolve to ensure cases are actively managed through to timely completion by maintaining activity levels and case momentum.




Through a commitment to continuous quality improvement of products and individual performance, we strive to consistently make positive changes to existing practice by introducing new methods, ideas, or products and ensuring best practice applications in all areas of performance.


Distinction &



We consistently seek to achieve a level of excellence that marks us apart. We are committed to delivering services above the norm, achieving results that exceed the expectations of our clients and separates us from the pack.


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