Just as Risky at Home…As in the Office.



Home office safety is frequently overlooked as a critical factor in the Occupational Health and Safety System of many organisations. Advances in technology, in particular computer networking, have created an option for many employees to engage in work related duties from the convenience of their own homes. Evidence indicates this is a labour trend that is likely to increase in popularity well into the future.

While the benefits of working from home are often extensive for both employer and employee alike, the issue of home office safety is not consistently addressed by either party. Employers have an obligation under workplace health and safety laws, to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all in the workplace. By not addressing the home office environment as a place of work, an employer’s exposure to claims for workers compensation is significantly heightened.

Prevention is the most effective and cost efficient control. By conducting a home office occupational health and safety review, including complete ergonomic assessment, our specialist trained occupational therapists are able to ensure hazards are identified, the risk of work related injury minimised and recommendations provided to ensure a safe work environment for the performance of home based duties.

A professional report outlines recommendations immediately implemented and the need for any further remedial action, while also providing evidence for an employer of meeting legislative obligations. Reduce the risk of injury and limit claims exposure by ensuring home office environments are appropriately assessed. 

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