Just as every individual, every workplace and every injury is different, the type of services required in any situation will vary significantly. Rehabilitation Services partners with individuals, organisation and agencies to expertly identify services that will be best suited to achieving a timely, cost effective and sustainable outcome for any parties involved. Rarely is this a static process, rather it is one that requires engagement, communication and strategic thinking, guided with the foresight of experience. Rehabilitation Services is an industry leader in providing innovative and creative solutions; solutions that achieve industry leading outcomes. We are experts covering injuries occurring in State Workers Compensation, Federal Comcare and Compulsory Third Party schemes, as well as those accidents or illnesses covered by Life Insurance and Income Protection policies.

icon-injury-managementInjury Management

Despite hazard identification and management measures, accidents happen. Rehabilitation Services can provide a comprehensive tool for employers and insurers to manage workplace injuries. It ensures a responsive, cost-effective and purposeful approach, aimed at reducing time loss injuries and facilitating evidence-based treatment interventions to achieve the optimal return to work and recovery outcomes.

icon-injury-preventionInjury Prevention

Rehabilitation Services’ expertise lies not just in the management of injuries and helping people fulfill their functional potential, but also in the prevention of injuries in the workplace. It makes financial and practical sense to invest in the safety of individuals before they develop or sustain injuries and that’s why Rehabilitation Services has a range of tailored and cost effective interventions focused on injury prevention. From ergonomic reviews for groups, to home office assessments for teleworkers and a range of training options, we can demonstrate just how cost effective an investment in safety can be.